Wednesday, May 17, 2006

100 Things

  1. My name is Sarah.
  2. It was either that or Jennifer (both very original, probably the 2 most popular names for over a decade).
  3. I used to make my college roommate play this baby naming game - I'd give her a crazy letter like X and make her come up with 10 plausible names.
  4. My husband and I were born on the same day, in the same year, only about an hour apart.
  5. I never really pictured myself getting married, and then I ended up being the first of my friends (both high school & college) to get married.
  6. I used to have a ton of friends, but now I only have a few close ones.
  7. The friend count started dwindling when my good friend died the night before our senior year of high school.
  8. I lived in the same town my whole life.
  9. With brief stints in Normal (while in college) and Florence, Italy (that was only a month).
  10. I'm very surprised that I'm still living in my hometown.
  11. I think my nephew has alot to do with my sudden reluctance to leave.
  12. I took care of my nephew almost everyday of his 2nd through 10th month of life.
  13. I didn't get a real job (nor a full time "transitional" job) after I graduated from college for 16 months.
  14. I'm ashamed of that.
  15. My current real job fell into my lap. Thankfully.
  16. I enjoy my job, and for the first four months, I never once dreaded going.
  17. When I went to college, I lost close to 40 pounds in the first year.
  18. While studying in Italy, I lost another ten.
  19. Sadly and scarily, I've gained almost all of it back since starting an office job.
  20. I love ice cream.
  21. One summer I ate a bowl of ice cream everyday for lunch before going to my second shift job.
  22. An ice cream maker was my favorite non-registry wedding gifts, my most favorite gift was my tangerine Kitchen Aid stand mixer.
  23. I love to cook.
  24. Though I'm not confident enough to cook by the seat of my pants.
  25. I'm addicted to Alton Brown.
  26. I shop at Aldi's.
  27. I get easily overwhelmed there.
  28. As well as in places like Walmart.
  29. I've been collecting American Girl Molly stuff since I got her for my 11th birthday.
  30. I have her complete collection, though she's supposedly going to be getting a ton more stuff this fall.
  31. I bought Kit and a ton more stuff while working for American Girl.
  32. That job, as an order processor, ruined my ears - they constantly ring now.
  33. I'm paranoid about my hearing and dental health.
  34. I often have dreams where my teeth fall out, and I can actually feel the pain.
  35. I used to anal-y track all of my money in a little notebook - down to the cent.
  36. I was inpsired to do this by the pot-dealing kid in the movie, American Beauty.
  37. I took a film and literature class in college, and it was one of my most favorite classes during my four years at ISU.
  38. I love movies.
  39. But not as much as I used to.
  40. I worked at a video store in high school and went to the movies almost every weekend.
  41. I still wonder how the hell I could afford to do the things I did back in high school and early college.
  42. I've seen Blink 182 in concert at least 5 times.
  43. I've been in a real tour bus before, for a band - Oleander - that no longer exists.
  44. No, I wasn't a groupie slut…they were Mike's first entertainment interview.
  45. I collect PEZ dispensers -- I have over 300 different ones.
  46. I don't eat the candy.
  47. I got my first baseball mitt this past fall at the age of 23.
  48. I've played several organized sports throughout my life --soccer, basketball, volleyball and tennis.
  49. I only LOVED to play tennis.
  50. I loved to hit volleys and overheads.
  51. I haven't played a serious game since high school.
  52. That was my third and final game of the State Tournament.
  53. In college I took a golf course.
  54. I've only played one 9-hole game.
  55. I get addicted to TV shows.
  56. I'm currently addicted to LOST, Grey's Anatomy and Gilmore Girls.
  57. My entire immediate family is obsessive about LOST, we search website, call phone numbers, basically do anything to get a glimpse at what may be going on in the show.
  58. I declared I was going to be an artist on career day in kindaergarten.
  59. But changed my answer to nurse because that's what all the other little girls said they wanted to be.
  60. That was one of the few times I actually followed the crowd.
  61. I pride myself on never really being a follower, or caring what people thought of me.
  62. I decided to be a graphic designer my sophomore year of high school after taking a commercial art class.
  63. Though I couldn't make it through the first week of graphic arts class.
  64. My graphic arts teacher for that week is my current boss's wife.
  65. I've always liked art.
  66. But I'm not an artist.
  67. I wish I had the talent to be, though.
  68. I taught myself to knit.
  69. It took me over a year to finish my first project - a baby blanket for my nephew.
  70. I like to do craft swaps.
  71. Though I like to do crafts, I have a hard time motivating myself to do them.
  72. I listen to talk radio.
  73. I have since I was pretty young.
  74. I want to have a herb garden.
  75. I would love to have my own strawberry bush.
  76. I spend too much time on the internet.
  77. If I go into a bookstore, I have a hard time leaving with nothing.
  78. My first attempt at making my own fire was successful - with only one match.
  79. Matches freak me out, I hate lighting them.
  80. I was a bit of a pyro during my junior high year, I used to set kleenex on fire in my room.
  81. A massive fire ball from a gas grill singed my eyebrows and brunt my hair last year.
  82. Curling irons scare the crap out of me.
  83. I was burned above my eye with one when I was a baby.
  84. I had my ears pierced as a tiny baby.
  85. The last time I wore earrings was probably third grade.
  86. I hate being a passenger in cars (especially in the front seat).
  87. My parents think this is because I still have anxiety after my car accident back in November of 1999.
  88. It's really because of an incident my best friend and I had, in a car during a snow storm, involving flying off the road into a ditch and barely missing a telephone pole.
  89. I don't like not having control of the car.
  90. I always bring some sort of activity bag into the car.
  91. I love to read.
  92. This is a source of amusement for many of my extended family members and has been for years.
  93. Lately only chick lit can hold my attention.
  94. This freaks me out.
  95. I'm happiest in comfy jeans, a tee shirt and flip flops.
  96. Though I love the style of J Crew and would wear those types of clothes if I could afford them.
  97. Throughout my life, I've only had 4 pets. One cat, two dogs and a hermit crab.
  98. Only one dog is left, the other was recently put asleep after spending about 16 years with my family.
  99. I really look a lot like my dad.
  100. I find it amusing when people say I look my sister and my dad because that's just not possible, since my dad is technically my sister's stepdad, though he adopted her.

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