Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My current daydream.

Almost every night for the past week or so (since I've begun CraftNClutter), after I'm done with my internet addiction for the night, I curl up on our half couch – a chair and a half if you want to get technical – to watch tv and I wish and dream about having a wireless laptop. I mean, imagine how much surfing I could get done if I could multi task while watching my favorite shows at night…how many more craft blogs I could become addicted to.

And then to top it off, last week Apple released the new Mac Book. Oh! the love. Intel, built in iSight camera, Wifi and Bluetooth ready…I don't even know what Bluetooth really is, but it's so enticing. We're definitely not in the market for a new computer, we have two (only really use one), but a girl can dream, right? Right now we just need a system upgrade. After this whole condo thing, that's next on my list.

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