Friday, June 09, 2006

I swear I'm here.

I know, I know…so early in this blog's life and I've already become a blog slog (as someone recently put it). Things have been mega hectic around here.

Mike and I closed on our new home (as seen below) on our 24th birthday two Thursdays ago (May 25 - mark it on your calendar for next year folks, I expect presents!!!). We spent Memorial Day weekend painting our new place, and then last week was spent leaving work early and getting stood up by the gas man twice & then packing with way too few boxes. This past weekend we moved in, after getting stood up by one U-Haul, the majority of our stuff. We've been living in our home for a week now…and its a mess! Oh and then to top it all off, I've been internet-less at home from Monday until yesterday and at work ALL week! Tuesday I was seriously going through internet withdrawl.

Things are calming down, so I'll be back, hopefully at full force now. To come: tons of house updates, what its like to live without internet at work (for a company who does a majority of its work via email), gourmet updates I've been hoarding and a back log of crafting…sometime in the future I will hopefully actually do some new crafting!

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