Friday, October 27, 2006

They grow up so fast…


Can you believe he is not yet two? Doesn't it look like a school picture? Sitting there with his hands in his lap. Totally not planned or staged either. For some reason he wanted Mike to bring his kitchen chair into the living room. I had been trying to get his picture all night with Mike, and all he would do was say "picter, picter" and lunge for the camera.

If you can think of a wonderful gift idea for my sister involving this picture, please let me know. And not just framed because trust me she has enough framed photos of Bray, and her and Bray. Think, think, think…

After much lunging for the camera, we finally let Bray have free rein of it for awhile. And besides the pic of our ceiling vent, and a portrait of Mike obscured by Bray holding the camera by the lens… we have this proof of his artistic ability.


He repeatedly tried to stick the lens up his nose. Which is gross. But on a cuter side of him, (though I couldn't catch a pic) Bray took Mike's marthon medal which is folded up neatly and tucked it into the collar of his sweater…creating a tie and showed Mike (who is almost always wearing a tie when Bray sees him, well a tie or a Cubs/Bears hat - which Bray picks up when we walk in the house and says "Mike's Hat"). It was really cute, but may be more of a visual cute thing.

Tomorrow's a big day around here, or at least in the my family's household. Lonny and Bray are moving out of my parents' house and into the suburbs (like the real 'burbs, not the puesdo-burbs like where we live). It'll be strange. No more getting calls at 3, asking me to pick Bray up. No more stopping by on the weekends to the house and hanging out with the entire family on a whim. It'll be strange, but normal, I guess. We had a very unique situation having Bray around all the time. Helping raise him.

The rather quick change, has put my mind into overdrive and I've been thinking of birthday/Christmas gifts galore for Bray. One very special one that I hope I can pull off…too bad I didn't have more notice of the move, it would have been nice for him to have it right away. Because I know he'll miss us. I have a feeling there will be alot of "Pop pop! Pop pop?" upon entering his new home for awhile until he gets used to it. I mean he does it now when coming over to my house after the babysitter.

Must get working…

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