Saturday, July 28, 2007

And I'm Back…

Hooray for Headbands!

Don't worry, it didn't take me all that time to finish Deathly Hallows. I was done by Sunday afternoon, having possessed the book for only 23 hours. A new record for myself, I believe.

It was great, and I'm just starting to come off of the Harry Potter high. Where I found myself thinking about the story throughout the day. What can I say…it was powerful.

I took a bit of an extended blog break, read a different book I had out from the library (Second Chance by Jane Green, good, especially if you like a lighter read), as well as doing some knitting and then getting slowed down by some sort of stomach thing that left me with a sour tummy for half the week.

I've been working hard on the first of the Studio Knits Garter Stitch Fairy: Rose dresses, but still not even half way done. Working the sleeves now, and then onto the cute petals. Once there's something worth showing, I definitely will. I'd really like to get the first dress down within the next two weeks, and then onto the two scalloped baby blankets. I'm really anxious to use THE fabric, but I'm trying hard to complete projects and stay on task. Plus I don't want to get distracted by the extra yardage until I have some room on the "Crafty To Do" to actually play with it for myself.

Fishy Checkbook Cover

And though I am hard at work, do not fear! I scrounged up some projects I have yet to show. These are from the package I sent Darcy for her birthday at the beginning of the month. I sat on them for awhile because she didn't get the package yet, but then I kind forgot…something about The Month O' Harry Potter and all.

I had been planning on making her one bigger gift, but got a late start and became really overwhelmed. Luckily she saw the other checkbook cover I made up for a swap, and requested one. I was able to take the easy way out, plus go shopping for silly gifts at some of the fun stores we have downtown.

I wish I had been able to find yardage of the fishy fabric at the fabric store…but no, only fat quarters. I grabbed all that I could and have been rationing it out to only those I feel are fun enough to deserve it. So far only Darcy and Bray have made the cut. Hmmm…not even myself, interesting.

And I made my own bias tape for the project. Incorrectly, granted. I didn't actually cut it on the bias, and I had to maneuver my fingers mighty close to a very hot iron (I've been thinking about investing in a bias tape maker thing because it sure is fun to be able to use whatever fabric you want as binding. I'm just not sure if I'll use it enough to warrant the expense yet.), but it turned out A-OK.

The brown and robin's egg blue fabric has been sitting in my fabric drawer for at least a year as well. Once again, only fat quarters, this time only 2, not an armful. So I've been waiting for the perfect application, and wanting something easy and hand-crafted, but useful to add to the birthday package gave me exactly that application. Heather Bailey's Hooray for Headbands! I even made one for myself (which is what I'm wearing! Not someone else's gift!), and I wore nearly every other day for a week. As laundry has piled up it's been put in a holding pattern, but I will break it out again…no worries. I have plans to make some more as well. But, again, need to wait for the Crafty To Do to clear out a bit.

Fishy Checkbook Cover Inside

In other news, I've been working away at my 101 Things.

Some things are much harder to do than I expected. I have a feeling that is because I took on a lot of daily/weekly things at once, so it's a bit overwhelming. Plus a few things involve Mike…and taking Mike away from media for an evening. He's been reluctant, but I'll keep trying to make it more routine. I'm not going to beat myself up over not having items done for the complete 134 weeks, just as long as I don't wait until the last 30 days, I'll feel like I gave it my all. So far the thing I've excelled most at is watching movies. In a month I've watched 7 of the top 100 AFI films, on a good pace so that it won't take me the entire 1001 days to finish. Thank goodness. I haven't tackled anything terribly exciting, so there's not much to talk about besides what I've already mentioned…unless you think implementing a family cleaning schedule sounds like a rockin' time. I came up with one during the first week or so of the month, but look forward to the beginning of a brand new full month to actually get started on it.

So until next time…ta ta!

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