Sunday, August 05, 2007

E is for Ears.

Waiting For Sleep

• Found out yesterday at Target, my ears are crooked. All those years of never finding the right glasses suddenly seem a bit more clear…now if I could only figure out my face shape, I may be set.

• Ears pierced when I was a baby (like the majority of latino baby girls). Last time I wore earrings…3rd grade, 17 years ago. Too much hassle, and too much of a tomboy at the age of 8.

• Chronic ear infections throughout most of my early years. So severe that I began walking very late (NO! Not because I was lazy and had a father and older sister who adored me, but because the ears are the center of your balance - thank you very much, mom!).

• Plagued with tinnitus. After working at the American Girl call center with headphones on in a loud floor for eight hours several times a week for over 6 months, I have had a constant ringing in my ears. The first few months were unbearable. I had a difficult time falling sleep because the ringing would keep me up. Over time I've gotten used to it, but occasionally, out-of-nowhere I will become acutely aware of it again. It sucks.

• To fall asleep most nights, I set Harry Potter on the lowest volume setting on my iPod. It began in December when Mike moved down here and I stayed in our condo to work through the beginning of the year. Little noise at night always have gotten my imagination going, even when my family used to be asleep in the rooms next door, so you can only imagine what it was like alone. And now, since I know the stories so well, it just acts as a way to shut off my mind to sleep. Especially good when I stressing over work or something of that sort.

• Missing: a photo of an ear. I was going to post one, but it looked weird, gross and almost unrecognizable by itself. I decided to try and give you something with a bit more composition (not much more, I know…still can't wait to move, photos will get better, I know).

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