Tuesday, August 07, 2007

g is for glue sticks

Gluesticks and Home Ideas

I'm a clipper.

More rightly, I'm a tearer-outer. If I run across an interesting article, inspiring photo, delicious sounding recipe, fun clothing styles or pretty much anything else that piques my interest, I tear it out of the magazine I'm reading.

As you can imagine, this leaves a lot of bits of paper laying around. I'm actually pretty organized. I do have file folders based on topic, so they really aren't laying around.

And to take that one step further, I actually create themed scrapbooks. Currently, I have one of clothing ideas and another for home decorating ideas. The gluestick has become a very good friend in the process of doing this. It's more convenient and less messy than glue, less expensive and noticeable than tape. It is my perfect solution.

I go through spurts where I use glue sticks like a fiend. I had one of those earlier this year when we first moved and I was unemployed…I probably went through 8 sticks in the span of a couple weeks. My glue stick consumption has definitely decreased ten-fold in the past few months, but don't think that isn't for lack of supplies. I have a least 6 brand-spankin' new glue sticks in waiting, I've just been occupied with other crafty endeavours in knitting, sewing…and oh yeah, work.

I find it difficult to express in words my love for glue sticks. They are by far the best school supply invented. Heck, I even ask for glue sticks for Christmas…they're the perfect stocking stuffer! I'm that hardcore.

Wow, all this thinking of glue sticks makes me want to break some out, and get down & dirty with my inspiration books. I take great pleasure in these books. I'm a visual person and its a very designer-y thing to do, keeping inspiring pieces. My method just falls a bit wider than most print designers to do.

I may just go bask in the glow of ideas that radiate from my books (and piles), glue stick in hand.

And don't worry, I know I'm weird. My husband reminds me of that daily. I may try glue sticking his lips shut next time.

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Stacey said...

Ahh yes... Your glue stick obsession. Everytime I see a blank black journal, I think about your awesome graphic design notebooks and then I look at my crappy attempt at a similar endeavor with a costuming journal...

And then I cry a bit. ;)

I love this Encyclopedia of Me, I may have to jump on the bandwagon, although I'll never finish by August.