Thursday, August 16, 2007

O is for Online.

the imac

Of which I am on too much.

You'd think having to sit all day in front of a computer, the last thing I would want to do when I get home is to get back on a computer…but that does not deter me. The first thing I do in the afternoon upon arriving home is to check my Bloglines. Such a great invention, and actually does help shave off some of the unnecessary time I spend sitting on my duff when I could be doing something fun, productive and relaxing like knitting, or something just productive like cooking dinner or doing dishes.

I've made progress, though. Do you remember the time when internet first became a common tool in your life? When you would troll (or perhaps surf) around aimlessly, just seeing what was out there? Do you remember that tv commercial where the person reached the end of the internet? It took awhile, maybe about 3 years, of just seeing what was out there, but I reached the end of my internet. And for several years, I have had those sites that I repeatedly visit. The list has changed over the years, for I am in my blogging and crafting stage in life. A stage I enjoy and hope I stay in for awhile. It feels more productive than the other stages I've been through because the blogs I read daily inspire me to actually create on a regular basis.

When I am actually completely bored with nothing to do whatsoever (or seemingly so), I find it incredibly difficult to do the mindless wandering through the 'net. I get stuck and bored rather quickly…so see Mom, I could be worse. And therefore turn to the real world for entertainment quite quickly in comparison.

Do you remember AOL? I wasn't allowed to have my own user name when we first got it in middle school. I had to use my dad's account. And my best friend had her own screen name. She created little symbols for each of our friends that had their own name, hers was a paw print, I didn't get one. We did go online a lot at her house. Back in the day when chat rooms where all the craze. Chat rooms and all those stupid codes that I can't remember. There's the easy ones like LOL, but then the more complicated ones…I don't even think I knew them back then.

I think it's kinda funny how a lot of these encyclopedia entries start off on one tangent and then randomly go to some sort of memory. Once that happens, I get off track and can't ever seem to find my way back to where I was going. So take this as an apology for now, the times in the past and the times in the future when it happens. My brain is very sporadic. Always has been.

Back on sorta topic, since I am talking about the internet, this post could not go without some links. Links make the world go round, right? These are my frequent stop along the information super highway, as well as a couple old haunts (but I really couldn't remember many)…so enjoy!

Wee Wonderfuls
Angry Chicken
Posie Gets Cozy
AG Playthings

The Old
Home Star Runner
Uncommon Goods

And the most anticipated…

Go forth…and waste time!


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