Friday, August 24, 2007

V is for Vibe.

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My car. The First. The Only. The Vibe.

And it's all mine.

I didn't really have a hand in picking it out.

I was managing a Blimpie, walking distance from home, but was going to start working at American Girl 45 minutes away at the same time mom was starting a new job after being laid-off for a few months. Transportation was necessary since I wouldn't be able to use Mom's baby if I needed to.

Mom and Dad took care of the finding of the car, since I was working pretty much full-time at the sandwich shop by myself. They would bring cars around that they thought I would like while I was at work. I would run out to the parking lot and sit in them and decide if I wanted to test drive in the evenings.

Mom picked this one out for me. She thought I'd like it because of the sun roof…and she was right. I would have gotten a cool color like neptune blue, instead of frosty, but the dealer had this on the lot, so my dad was able to get the car for cheaper.

Basically all I did was pay for it.

It's actually turned out to be a pretty great car. Roomy and comfortable. Great gas mileage. And very spacious. The back seats fold down and you can cram it full of stuff. Just as much as an SUV, just maybe not as tall of a pile.

The funny thing…I had never heard of a Vibe before, but as soon as I bought it, I saw them everywhere. It was like me and the entire population of McHenry County bought our Vibes on the same day. And now, 3 years later, they're even more numerous. At every stoplight there's at least one other Vibe besides my own.

I can understand why, they're fun in the way VW Beetles and Mini Coopers are (well, maybe not as fun), but they are way more affordable and practical.

Hopefully The Vibe will last awhile. Mike's convince we'll have our respective cars for at least 10 more years. I'm not as optimistic, but I'd like her to last. The Vibe is a good alternative to the dreaded mini van or a gigantor SUV.

PS…I had intended to take a picture of The Vibe today, as it is my half day, but I ended up only getting out of work 2 hours early and then it started to rain, after we've been in near drought while the northern part of Illinois has been flooded out. Ah well, thank goodness for "create your own Vibe" on the Pontiac website.

PPS…Please note, you will refer to my car as The Vibe, note 'your car,' 'Sarah's car' or 'the vibe.'

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Jenna Z said...

My Y entry is going to be about my car! The Yaris! Does the Vibe come in 2 door?