Saturday, September 08, 2007

Do Not Fear…Supe-Man and Friends are Here!

Do Not Fear…Incredible Bear is Here!

Look at me finishing things! A few days later than I hoped, but still off in the mail by the end of the week. 3 Super Hero capes made for a Preschool Teacher friend of my mother-in-law. Three capes, approximately 5 hours. Give or take a couple breaks being distracted by new magazines and Harry Potter movie scenes.

Super Hero Gear…Ready & Waiting

In case you're wondering, there's W for Wonder Woman/Girl, I for Mr/Miss Incredible, and S for Super Man/Boy.

I think the felt insignia are my favorite parts of the capes.

It's amazing seeing things coming off my Crafty To Do. In about a week 5 things came off. Though if I am entirely honest two of those things, were noted as "if time allows" and time ran out on the baby presents, so they came off.

I actually think I'm going to be disciplined and try to cut my list in half (or getting 6 things done) before I start adding new things. That may be tough, but I've been on a roll lately I may actually be able to do it.

Look forward to more FOs in the near future. And other exciting news…

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