Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm Itchin'

Things I Have Not Done Lately

1. Reading Pillow 2, 2. stir thoroughly, 3. Sewing Machine HK, 4. knit me a moustache!

I really need to get back in the swing of things. I haven't done much of anything the last month or so but spend time with Nibs and Mike, work, clean up, watch tv and drive.

The things I enjoy have become severely neglected…reading, cooking, sewing, knitting. Do I even know how to do those things?

With my long weekend birthday coming up, I hope to wade back into things. Being sick makes me want to do these things even more, but I just need some time.


MIUMIU said...

How do you do, you'll have to look at my blog sympathy.
Please link.
Waited reply

Stacey said...

Oh oh... I have a Barbie sewing machine in my little apartment... it was a gift I have yet to use. Hello Kitty is cooler though!

I am mass commenting today, I apologize for the amount of emails you will get because of it :)