Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Sick.

This Kid Freaks Me Out

With no energy to really blog (you may have noticed from my last couple entries), I leave you with a freaked out Nibbler. Taken by Bray Mother's Day weekend at my parents'.

As well as a new blog I ran across today. With yummy food pics and fun crafts, she's a girl after my own heart! I can't wait to see what else she has to share.

And a hearty congratulations to my first giveaway winner…Jenna at Corgipants. Look forward in the coming days to some wip pics of the PRIZE! And Jenna, I'll get to you about a mailing address when I'm a bit further along.

Wish me no coughs, no sore throats and no runny noses…QUICK! Not only is a long weekend coming up, but my birthday is too. And I don't want to be miserable for our family birthday cook out.


SoccerGirl said...

I hope you feel better!!!

Linnea said...

Sarah, feel better soon!! Thank you so much for those sweet words :o)! That was so kind of you, really! Your blog is fantastic as well - I loved seeing Molly in a post further down. I love American Girl dolls!! I have Kirsten and Addy. Take care. xox, Linnea

Jenna Z said...

Oh, wow! I have been so behind on blogs lately, I didn't even comment! Thanks so much (I guess I will thank the random number generator) :) I can't wait!