Friday, May 23, 2008

Orange, Blue & Brown

The Guest Bed

I missed another day yesterday. Eek! Grey's Anatomy finale and then right to bed, trying to sleep of illness.

Didn't quite work, but it helped being able to sleep in and have the day off work.

I didn't get to sleep the day away though. I was busy as a bee prepping for this weekend's visitors. I managed to make (and inflate) our guest bed with the new ikea bedding. $20 bucks. 1 duvet cover and 2 pillow shams. A deal not to be passed on.

Though the bed does take up the majority of the room, you may notice I very carefully avoided showing any bit of the rest of the room. The guest room doubles as my studio area. Very messy. Enough said.

Eventually there will be a day when it is all clean and put together. Then you will see it. Until all you get is the bed.

1 comment:

Michaele said...

Pretty duvet cover! Though I must say, I love that your guests have sheep to count if they have trouble getting to sleep!