Thursday, June 05, 2008

Rough Week.

AG Cabinet in Room Perspective

It's been a rough week. Working early. A few evenings spent in the basement with sirens blaring. flooded basement. Heat. Not sleeping well at night.

It all adds up…ask Mike. I haven't been the happiest camper the last couple days.

But he still made me this!

Inside of AG Cabinet

A custom built cabinet to hold my American Girl collection. Made to fit perfectly in this nook we have in our library. Considering he's never really made anything, and certainly nothing this big, he did an excellent job.

I mean do you see how he made the door's look fancy with molding. That was all his idea. And that the shelves fit things perfectly? Like the steamer trunk on the bottom.

I spent a couple evening early this week (they were interrupted by tornado warnings/sirens) going through all my stuff, finally changing "the girls" from winter outfits. Boxes were recycled, newer clothes moved from the shopping bag they've been sitting in since last summer to their proper storage boxes and trunks.

Top Display of AG Cabinet

You don't know how nice it is to have everything all in one spot. Display and storage in one. What a relief. And there's still room to grow.

Currently the cabinet top is the only (yet large) display area, but there are plans to add a shelf above it as well. We just need to decide on the best way to do the shelf.

It's exciting that I'll be able to work with my collection more now. Since we've moved everything AG has been stored haphazardly in the nook, not condusive to pulling out on a whim. And the girls has been placed on top of the bookcases and basically forgotten about. It's sad when a collection hits a lull like that. But this is just the thing I needed.

Now if only I could get my act together and get the PEZ cabinets up. That collection is eating my the roomy large top shelf of my studio closet. I could really use that space!

Thanks for my cabinet, honey! I love it.


SoccerGirl said...

That cabinet is really nice!!
All my American Girl stuff is stuffed into boxes in the basement. The dolls are in a doll bed in my closet.... that's such a nice way to display them

Stacey said...

Awww!! So nice! I love your dolls! My poor Samantha is still in need of that head replacement... she's a bit wobbly ;)