Monday, November 09, 2009

Masochistic Mondays: week 15

.The Stats (as of November 9, 2009)
Starting Weight: 188 lbs
Current Weight: 180.8 lbs

I tried to go running this weekend but found it incredibly difficult. Saturday was beautiful. Sunny, 70s, definitely not a typical November day…a perfect day for running. So I decided to go out a couple hours after waking and after finishing my warm up walk, transitioning into my run, I got a side stitch immediately. It wasn't debilitating, but it was there from the get-go so I thought perhaps I needed some food and fluids in my system as it had been close to 14 hours since last eating. I decided to turn around immediately, walk home and give it another shot in the afternoon while my turkey was roasting (yup, it's already time for our Thanksgiving test runs).

After spending the rest of the day in the yard (in a tank top for heavens sake it was that hot!) raking leaves, bagging and cleaning up the yard in general, I was exhausted and decided to give the run a shot in the morning. So Sunday morning, despite thinking how wonderful it would be to bask in the sunlight streaming through the windows onto my my all day, I laced up my running shoes and away I went. What I learned is I have gotten use to running in cool weather and trying to run on a sunny, high 70 degree day after raking all afternoon is tough. My side stitch started immediately again, but this time I decided to push through it and I made it about a mile and a half before I just had to stop. Usually after my stopping point I'm able to pick back up with the running after a couple minutes, but not yesterday.

It was such a disappointment. It was such a beautiful day. And my planned 5k is nearing at an alarming rate. I'm doubting I'll be able to finish - which is perhaps why I haven't signed up yet. Gosh, can you say chicken? I know I'm not the fastest, I've even told myself that it's cool if I can't run the entire thing, but I think I'm not ok with it. I feel like if I'm going to run in a 5k, I should be able to run the whole thing.


The Jesse said...

my first 5k i think i only ran about 10 minutes total - of the almost 48 minutes it took me to finish. dont let it be about running the whole thing, make it about doing it and finishing it. ive done 14 5k's now and the last one, just last month, was the first one i was finally able to run the entire time. you'll get there, dont give up on yourself


Jenna Z said...

I agree about making it to the finish line any way you can! My 5K is two weeks away and I am planning a halfway point water break walk so maybe if you schedule a couple of walks in, you won't feel like you're "giving up", it's just part of the plan. :)