Saturday, February 06, 2010

WIP Saturday - Fair Isle Beginnings

WIP - Smal Fox's Totoro Mittens - Palm

Have you been wondering what the heck I've been up to lately? I know the blog has been pretty sparse. And when I do post it seems to be about two contradictory thing, food and weight loss. Well, despite not quite having a grasp on how to fit recreational internet usage into my new schedule (ok, well it's not too new as I've been at the new job for two months now), especially since the new job coincided with getting a netbook (which Mike has a majority stake in) and us not having the imac on hardly at all, I have been hard at work since the beginning of the year. Knit, knit, knitting away.

The past couple weeks I have been tackling...wait for it....Fair Isle knitting. Scary, I know, but so AWESOME! I'm loving it. It really feeds my need for concentrating on the knitting process. I love patterns that require me to really pay attention to what's going on, it helps me remain focused and I think I make less mistakes.

Several weeks ago, I saw a plea on Twitter from Small Fox asking if someone wanted to do a trade for these Totoro mittens and as I'm almost nearly always up for a challenge, I jumped on the opportunity. Now just to decide what I want in exchange, I didn't want to get my hopes up on getting one of Small Fox's creations before I knew that I really could do these mittens - but now that I'm over halfway through the first mitt, I'm confident that they will turn out, so I better get thinking.

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Sarah said...

Do you have any idea how excited I am?