Monday, March 01, 2010

Masochistic Mondays: Week 31

The Stats (as of March 1, 2010)
Starting Weight: 188 lbs
Current Weight: 179.5 lbs

Still going strong on the Couch to 5K bandwagon. Two weeks completed. I start week three tonight. Yesterday I did my timed mile run of the week and was pleasantly surprised. First, out of the 21 laps that makes a mile I was able to run 19 of them (a one lap improvement from last week). Second, I clocked in at a 12:02 mile. I know, you're probably saying, Sarah that's not too great. But it's improvement. Even in my time of peak physical activity, playing multiple sports throughout the year, I only averaged probably 10:30 mile. So the fact that I'm getting close to that again even when I work at a computer 8.5 hours a day and rarely get my butt moving is awesome. Especially since my C25K days are giving me 16-17 minute mile averages - I just have to keep telling myself that the 5 minute warm up & cool down really drags the average. It's hard to not let that get discouraging though, which is why I've started doing the timed mile runs. Even though that means I'm running 4 days a week, it's acting as a motivator to get me through the 3 days of program training each week.

Yesterday's mile was about a minute and a half quicker than the Sunday before's. I was pushing myself to keep a steady pace, and it showed. Mike said if I keep shaving off a minute each week, I'll be the fastest on the track in no time. My response was, I will be happy if I can maintain the 12 min mile for a few weeks and then start shaving time off. I just don't want to regress. I do enough of that on the scale, I don't need the additional blow.

In addition to C25K and the timed mile, I've also added a couple days of weight training into my schedule. That means I'm at the Y six days a week, though, but I figure if I keep up the momentum while it's fresh and exciting, I'll have a better chance of making it a habit. Thursday (which is an off day from C25K) was my first day adding weights into the routine. I thought I'd do some cardio on the elliptical and then use the weight machines a bit. Ugh, what a mistake. I forgot how difficult the elliptical can be! It was like it was my first day ever doing exercise. Needless to say, I didn't stick it out very long (more like I couldn't stick it out), but I'm proud of myself for not giving up on being at the gym all together that night and used a few of the weight machines just to try and get myself reacquainted with them. Saturday was my first REAL day of weight training. I did the entire circuit of 13 machines (3 reps of 10 on each), working both my upper & lower body as well as my core, in about an hour. I was worried I hadn't pushed myself hard enough, even though I was have difficulty at times, but come yesterday morning I knew I had not gone easy on myself - which I guess isn't too hard when you have next to no muscles to begin with. But OMG, it took me an hour (combined with the extreme coziness) to get out of bed. Though my butt was slightly sore, my arms were killing me. Mike was loving it, because I couldn't stop laughing from the pain. And he had to help me get dressed for our breakfast "date" with friends because I didn't have full mobility of my arms. Yes, I'm pathetic. And yes, it was hilarious. My abs got an additional workout from all the laughing I did.

Now that I seem to the this exercise thing under control, I really need to figure out this food and water thing. I'm not drinking nearly enough water, I know that. But I'm not sure how to get myself back in the habit - there was a time in my life where I was drinking several 32oz bottles of water a day, no problem. Now I struggle to finish 16oz. Sigh. I know, it's not good. And don't get me started about eating. I horrible. I know I should be watching my portions. I know I should be learning to listen to my body as it will tell me when it's hungry and when it's full, but I have this Berlin Wall in my brain that is just not coming down. Take Thursday for instance. After work I went to the Y and then grocery shopping, I came home with so much crap, the worst offender being the OREO Cakester snacks. Ugh. Two tiny, slightly bigger than a real Oreo, sandwich cakes = 250 calories. I had 2 that first night, but was very strict the rest of the week and only allowed myself one a day (which is still too many, I know). And then came yesterday. We went out with friends for breakfast, had a delicious and filling plate of stuffed french toast with sausage links. Wasn't completely stuffed, but was definitely full. Went to the Y to do my mile run and ride the exercise bike while Mike played racketball, came home, showered and then ate a leftover sloppy joe because it was after lunchtime. That was the only reason. I was definitely not hungry. Actually I was still full from breakfast several hours earlier, and yet I still ate the sandwich which proceed to make me feel ill later in the night and not want to make the yummy dinner I had planned (scallops with back & brussel sprouts) & had me contemplating breaking my streak of 81 days soda-free to get a 7up to make my tummy feel better. (wow, long run-on. sorry.)

So that's where I stand. Making progress in some areas. Not making progress in others. Like a teeter totter.

Oh! Saturday night we had another set of friends over to enjoy the massive chili dinner Mike prepared, and my friend mentioned to me that our town has a 5k that she heard of and thought of me - the Fat Ass 5k. Instead of water tents, there are beer, ice cream, donut & corn dog tents along the 5k route. I was seriously considering making this my first 5k (um, unlimited ice cream & donuts will get me almost every time), until I hunted down the price...$50! That includes race entry, tee shirt & entrance into the street party. Now I love ice cream, but I'm not sure I can justify that. Plus being my first 5k, I'll probably want to die after finishing & ice cream will be the last thing on my mind.


Jenna Z said...

Where do you run that it's 21 laps to a mile??? Ack! Is it a real track or a program on the treadmill? I like me good old 4 laps=1 mile! I don't know if I could crank out 21 laps!!

suzydewilde said...

I thought the Fat Ass 5k was funny it didn't remind me of you! When I first worked out with my Fit Club trainer, I felt as if I had surgery. I was in severe pain for four days. I totally feel you!