Thursday, May 06, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite…

Owl Kite

Making it Fly

Dragon Kite

No Lift

While home for Easter (yes, I know, it was over a month ago), Mike & I, along with my mom, sister and Bray took the mini kites I picked up out for a fly. As luck would have it, it was probably too windy to fly kites, but that didn't stop us from tromping to the park a few blocks away for some tree-free kite-flying space.

Now I thought I was going to be the cool aunt who buys her nephew the awesome dragon kite, especially after finding out he had just seen, and I quote, "Dreamwork's How to Train Your Dragon" (yes, that is exactly how my 5 year old nephew referred to the movie - superb marketing anyone?). Well, it turns out that the dragon kite flies like crap, or should I say, does an excellent job of hover a couple inches off the ground before divebombing. On the plus side, the adorable little owl kite I picked up for myself (hmm, perhaps I should have picked up the turtle or fish instead of the dragon for Bray) was rockin' the airstream as well as a mini kite on an extremely windy day can be expected…until a certain 5 year old let go, and it flew right across the street into a neighbor's tree.

Needless to say, we didn't last very long in the park before heading home. There's only so many times even a 5 year old will "go run out there to the kite and hold it as high as you can while Uncle Mike tries to get it in the air."

But as it has been longer than I can remember since I flew a kite, it was fun nonetheless. And makes me think we should get a kite and find a clear field on of these days.

The Family
Easter 2010
(and yes, I'm in a dress…voluntarily, it was my little Easter surprise for everyone :-D )
(and I'd like to add that I am not the shortest in the family, by a long shot. As photographer, I had to run to get in the picture and to make sure I was in the frame I stood behind Mike - and was in extremely flat, practically pieces of cardboard, sandals)

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