Friday, September 16, 2011

Three Months Old!

Three Months Old

Colbie: Month-by-Month, #3 

At three months:
She has pretty brown eyes and smiles all the time. She coos and babbles. She's discovered her thumb and loves to suck it, especially in her sleep. She yells at us in her sleep when she's hungry instead of just screaming. She has 6 little friends at daycare where she likes to watch them, though sometimes they'll babble back and forth at each other. Her neck is very strong, but tummy time is still a struggle (though she pretty much just yells throughout it, instead of screaming). She make eye contact with and then bats at specific toys on her bouncer seat or play gym. She REALLY likes mama's orange & white patterned pillowcase. She has giggled one time (that we know of) a week or so ago when dada was getting her ready for a bath and she had a mega poopy diaper that surprised dada. Her daycare teachers think she will be the first to flip over, she's coming so close. She loves to look at the baby in the mirror. Bath time is fun because mama lets her "swim" in the water -- she floats on her back & kick, kick, kicks! Most of the time she'd rather look at Nibbler than mama or dada. But every day when dada gets home and she hears his voice, she smiles big. Her favorite stories are by Dr Seuss and read by dada. She's starting to sleep for 3-4 hours straight at night and loves to sleep in in the morning, just like mama. Every person that meets her can't believe what a happy, good spirited baby she is -- we're very lucky to have her.

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