Saturday, October 22, 2011

Four Months Old!

4 months old

Colbie: Month-byMonth #4

At four months:
She is starting to laugh, we can't get her to do it consistently – I think she finds us amusing, but not always funny. She rolls from side to side like a little turtle on its shell. And she has rolled over once, from back to front and then back again, but it hasn't happened again since. She babbles all the time, not just coos. Tummy time is getting a lot easier – her arms are getting stronger so she's able to lift her head higher and longer. The drool has just been pouring out of her mouth and she chomps on her hands constantly. She grabs for and holds all her toys without prompting by mom or dad. Her high chair is now set up, so she sits at the table like a big girl for dinner instead of on the table in her bouncer. We celebrated our 6th anniversary as family with a day trip to Hannibal, MO. She is still wearing 0-3 month clothing except for footy sleepers, we had to move up to 3-6 month because she's gotten so long. When she cries, she now cries real tears – it's heartbreaking to see tears stream from her eyes. She's a champion sleeper – at daycare she takes a 2-3 hour nap each afternoon and at home she sleeps at night from around 7:30pm to 6:45am with me waking her at 11 to eat for a half hour.

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