Friday, June 16, 2006

WIP Friday

I thought I'd participate in this too, since I don't have the energy or talent to participate in Illustration Friday.

At this time, my work in progresses aren't too crafty. Moving into a new place takes time and energy. (I know, excuses, excuses).

We've been for two weeks now. Our apartment is almost empty besides a few random things, and despite what this photo shows, our home is coming along very nicely (the garage is even emptied out of our moved belongings so Mike can park in it!). We have to finish by tomorrow night, though because Sunday we are having our first gathering! A Father's Day celebration for both of our families.

And yes, I've immersed myself back into the world of Harry Potter for the past week and a half. Oh how I love Harry Potter! I like reading all the books in a row, the imagery is so vivid, and I can easily get so engrossed in the story (even at work in my car during my lunch breaks). 3 books down, 2 and a half to go. And you can see the newest source for future WIPs peeking out from underneath, Mason-Dixon Knitting, I've been waiting for this book from the library for 2 months and it finally came in today. I am already in love.

And an actual craft project! gasp! I've been working on these pillows since March, I think. Its not like a constant thing. Using old jeans, old shower curtains and a curtain panel, I pieced together pillow fronts for all the extra pillows my parents have that go on the bed in Braydon's room. I sewed up the 3 pieced fronts in a weekend. Then next weekend I went to sew on the one piece backing and I hit a roadblock in mechanics, and then the sewing machine went all wonky. I have been at the same stopped point for about 2 and a half months. Once we get the condo put together and the apartment deep-cleaned, they will be my first project, I swear.

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