Friday, June 30, 2006

WIP Friday…again

The very, very begin of a WIP. I actually just bought the yarn today. These cuties will be a series of dishclothes from Mason-Dixon Knitting for my aunt and grandma's birthday gifts. Tomorrow's train rides should offer me plenty of opportunity to get started (and hopefully finished with some of them).

So I know I've been MIA for about two weeks now. We've been pretty busy. Last week we spent alot of time trying to finally finish cleaning out our apartment and deep cleaning it to hand over. Then our 18 month old nephew spent the weekend with us. It was fun to have him around, but also hard. Opportunities like that really help me understand that Mike and I aren't ready for kids yet. Bray was such a good boy for us, except when his mom came to visit for a couple hours Saturday night. Then he turned into bratty boy.

Saturday morning, Bray's little feet were freezing but my sister only packed him summery stuff. I improvised, grabbed my shortest socks and put them on the kid. They turned into the perfect kneesock for him and went perfectly with his sharky pjs.

He's growing up so fast. He actually said "Mike's hat" while handing me Mike's blue Cubs hat that Bray always sees him in. Sunday when I was feeding him breakfast and asking what he wanted to eat, he said "brek fass." (I picked him up today from the sitter and fed him before we went grocery shopping, and he said "thane coo" when I gave him some string cheese.) He sat at the kitchen table with us at every meal, like a big boy without a booster seat or anything. And ate his food, or occupied himself quietly while we ate.

And check out the big boy with his little back pack! It's hard to believe he's only going to be 19 months old.

We went to family parties on both Saturday and Sunday, so Bray wore his little backpack that carried his snacks, diapers, and entertainment. He slept reasonably well too. This I was the most surprised with. I wouldn't want to sleep on a stiff little port-a-crib.

This is my favorite picture from this past weekend. He looks so hip, so into the music scene, right? That little radio (sans batteries and headphones) kept him occupied all weekend, at home, on the road and at all our destinations.

This week we finally got the apartment out of our hair. And then work has been rough. My company had its 25th Anniversary Celebration on the Tuesday. Who has a day-long party on a Tuesday!? I was at work from 8am until 7:30pm. This was the party that I designed the invitation for and put the wrong day (but correct date on). I didn't write about it, but it was awful. I messed up pretty bad and my boss had to send out correction postcards the next day (that postage on top of my postage, plus the postage for the 2 save the dates we did). I was so worried no one would show up on Tuesday and then everyone would show up Wednesday after all the food was gone and we were back to working like normal. Luckily that did not happen. I was worried about it until I got home on Wednesday night.

I spent all week, after Tuesday thinking it was Friday. Do you know how long that makes the week? Really long.

Work has had me in such a tizzy, that on lunch break, at stoplights, and all evening after work I've been immersing myself in Harry Potter. I've only got about 3/4 of HBP left. Oh how I love HP. I've become obsessed again. I dream Harry Potter (seriously). I downloaded HP and Order of the Phoenix movie countdown widgets on my work Mac. It's bad, I know. Once HP ends, I will get back to the world of crafting…hopefully.

Well, some of our college friends have come up for the weekend, and we're all going down to Taste of Chicago in the morning. I think I may have to drag all the boys to American Girl Place while we're there…AG just had a huge release of new stuff on Tuesday!

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