Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I make myself wonder…

Here's a cute story, not the heartwarming, "awww"-kind, but the "hee hee" kind of cute. And, of course, it has to do with me!

So after not having a car for the beginning of the week, and having to rely on Mike and my mom to get to and from work, I got my car back from the shop last night. I decided to get back on track, after neglecting the Rec Center all week, and to go exercise right after work. I was motivated. Life was good. I didn't even have the whole mental process as I got within a mile of the Rec Center, thinking of when I would have to turn to make my way home instead of there.

I got to the parking lot.

I got to the front desk. And was given a locker key.

Heck! I even got into the locker room and starting digging through my bag.

To find that I didn't have shoes.

And all I was wearing was flip flops.

So I packed my stuff back up, I exited the locker room, walked through the class that had just seen me come through mere seconds before, and up to the front desk, where the girl who had given me my key minutes before just stared at me inquistively.

All I could say was, "I forgot shoes."

She nodded knowingly with a smirk as she handed me back my membership card.

I'd like to think that that kind of thing happens frequently, but I have a feeling it does not.

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