Sunday, July 23, 2006



So I'm not a total brown thumb! Thank goodness. I don't know if I talked about this earlier. When we first moved in to our new place, I started a windowsill herb garden. I bought a kit and started five herbs from seeds. They were housed on my kitchen sill, they got sun all day and direct sun for several hours each afternoon.

I was diligent, I water every day, but not too much.

Oh, how I wanted that fresh basil available to me whenever I wanted.

Things went along swimmingly. I had germination in the 7-10 days that the package indicated. One took longer, which I assume was the cilantro (the package told me this would happen too). I was growing herbs! And then things started to change. Growth stopped for 4, while one still flourished. I changed my watering habits, thinking perhaps I was watering too much. My little sprouts started to shrink away, but that one remained the same, size-wise anyways. The lone grower then stopped, but did not shrink. It did something unexpected. The soil started growing mold. I said, Ok Too Much Water. So my watering habits changed again to even less water.

And then came the fruit fly like creatures. That's when I gave up. I brought the herb containers outside to our balcony, where they have died a horrible death. Brunt to a crisp by extreme heat and sun, and then flooded with several days of torential downpours.

As this was happening, another horrific flora castrophe was occuring. Upon moving in, our new neighbor brought me a Gerber Daisy plant with a couple flowers bloomed. I cared and water it while it sat as a centerpiece on our kitchen table, according to the directions. Things were good…for two weeks. Then the flowers started to droop, and I thought, well maybe they're growing out of their container. So I planted my gerbers in a large planter pot outside using my brand new gardening gloves and trowel. And they drooped even more. Oh the sadness. I continued to water and care for them, but the died in a droopy brown mess. So I stopped. I lamented. And all I could talk about was how much of black death thumb I was. And then only a couple days ago (after a couple weeks of death), after a few days of some pretty hefty midwest storms, I peered out my office window onto our balcony and I saw slight hints of red on a new shoot.

Today I have 2 fully bloomed and another about to, plus a fourth just sprouting up!

So I guess the next time I attempt herbs, I'll start from plants…because I don't have the black thumb of death (dah dah duuuhn).

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Road Wayer said...

Sarah, I found your Blog amusing and insightful. Your cherry pie look yummy, and your daisy looks beautiful.
The little boy in your picture is really cute. He reminds me of my grandson.
I look forward in reading your blogs in the future and hearing about your travel to Italy. I some would also like to visit Italy.