Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Cherry Pickin' We Will Go…


On the hottest day of the year, so far, Mike and I went cherry picking. It wasn't bad though. We got up early and were picking cherries by 9am. Done by quarter to 10, well before the real heat (97, predicted) came.


It was fun and kinda old-fashioned. Nice to be outside. Then we came home and I spent the afternoon pitting cherries, baking pie and banana bread.

I know, I know. Suzie Homemaker.

I get like that sometimes. But you know, it's nice to do stuff around the house like that. It's fun. And smells excellent. Plus it doesn't hurt that my husband stroked my ego, by gushing about my food.


My pie turned out pretty good. Thank goodness for ready-made pie crust. This was my second pie (first try was apple with homemade crust). It was a bit juicy (runny, really), next time I need more thickening agents, I guess.

Days like today make me want to live out in the country, where I can have a big yard. Where I can have a garden and trees (I'm ambitious - I want apple, cherry and lemon). My sights may be too big. Especially seeing as I couldn't keep my 5 small potted herbs and a pot of gerber daisies live for even a month.

Being a black thumb isn't a life sentence?

Is it?

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