Friday, July 14, 2006

What is this?!


Am I actually still crafting for several weeks in a row?

I enjoy crafting. I'm in love with the idea of crafting as well. The results…when they turn out well, nothing beats that. If not, ah well, it's a learning experience. Yet still, I suffer from this weird phenomenom. Some actually might call it ADD (or I gues ADHD, as it is now called). I get bored with projects easily. And then I lose interest in crafting because it seems as if I've been working on the same thing for ever.

Which is actually partially true.

None of the WIPs I've shown here have been finished. I swear I'll finish them. Two of them must be done by the end of next week. The pillows…well, they're another story.

I've found a new craft love lately. Freezer paper stencils. Actually I think everyone is in to it. I have only made 1 and a half shirts, but its addicting because it is so easy. You can actually get really detailed. Last year, I tried to get into tee shirt stenciling, but I used actual stencil sheets. You know, that floppy plastic. It's really hard to cut. It's difficult to remain in position while stenciling. And the worst, you're pretty much left with those cheesy stencil connections (you know, when you, like, make a "o" and you have to leave little bits to connect the inside to the outside). With freezer paper, all these drawbacks are eliminated. It's awesome. And I love it. I've yet to make my own shirt, I need the perfect design first. Any ideas?

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Darcy said...

Huff, what's the freezer paper stencils? I haven't even heard about them, let alone seen a finished product.