Friday, August 25, 2006

Ho ho… hum!


Lately I've been thinking about Christmas, well, holidays in general and fall. Oh, glorious fall!

I've been working on and off for the past couple weeks, while my quilt is out of commission, on this knitted Santa hat from Handknit Holidays. I love that book. It may be my favorite knitting pattern book, I've checked it out from the library so many times, I should really just buy it. I finally finished up with the creation of my pom pom to top the hat tonight while Mike was playing with Braydon and feeding him cucumbers. It was my first real pom pom. And after a lot of trimming (I looked like I sheared a sheep in my lap), it is near perfect. Not floppy, not falling apart, it's just right.

Since I've been pouring over
Handknit Holidays, I'm now convinced that this year I will attempt to have a handknit holiday. I'm already plotting and have ideas for my mom, sister and Braydon. I actually might start on them soon, so I have a greater chance of actually finishing. Should I stop there for this year? I kinda have an idea for my dad, too. That might be nice. I could do my family this year, Mike's next year, as to not get too overwhelmed. I don't think I'll ever make Mike anything. I knit him a hat once, and he never wears it. I guess he's just not one for handmade gifts, so I'll save myself the trouble.

I've also been reading about different families' Holiday traditions. I can't wait until Mike and I can start building traditions of our own. I can be sort of a traditions nut… which may not end up being good for those around me, as I force them to endure them. Oh well, that's what the holidays are about, right?

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