Sunday, August 20, 2006

I really am weird…

Friday morning/night, I had the weirdest dream. I woke up feeling really goofy, and my day seemed like it would be great…until my 5 minute warning alarm went off (yes, I have an alarm set so I can leave for work on time without feeling rushed). I got caught up with a email fiasco and we had absolutely NO food. Nothing for breakfast. Certainly nothing to take for lunch and Mike had eaten my peanut butter crackers I was going to eat. But once I shared my dream with my coworker, and we laughed at it and how weird I am, my day went pretty well. The best Friday I've had in awhile.

Yes, Davey Jones (former teen idol, I guess, I never really saw the appeal) was in my dream. Slighlty older looking than in this picture, but not like he really looks like old. And Davey Jones was a Gnome. Complete with gnome hat, though it wasn't the traditional red gnome hat, it was a navy color.

For some reason, my family was doing a movie, I think, and we were in this huge hotel room, all of us (though this was premarriage family) waiting. And I was keeping watch out the window for something. And along with a bunch of other little gnomes came Davey Jones (I presume they were part of the cast for the movie). I shouted out the window, "Davey Jones" and started singing that song he sings in the Brady Bunch. Davey Jones then made his way up to our room and plopped down on our couch and removed his little, pointy blue gnome hat and started hitting on my sister. It was creepy. My mom and dad were right there, as was Bray. He was saying creepy things, like "Once he's [Bray's] asleep, is there somewhere we can go to be *cough* alone."

I then proceeded to go off on Davey Jones. Yelling at him and telling him he was old enough to be her grandpa. And I woke up, dazed and a bit confused, with probably an elevated blood pressure.

Why do I dream things like this? And why can I remember them so vividly? And why, oh why, was Davey Jones in my dream?

As a gnome?

Maybe it was lack of nutrition, that should be solved now, we finally went grocery shopping and can stop eating frozen pizza or mac & cheese 3 days in a row for both lunch and dinner. We have fresh fruits and vegetables!

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