Monday, August 14, 2006

Stuck in the Middle…


I'm in this weird crafting place, that I haven't found myself in too many times. I have several projects that I'm actively crafting, or at least trying to actively craft. Usually I'm a one-at-a-time kinda girl. I'm very goal-oriented. I'm a "to do"-er. I love being able to cross things off a list.

Though right now, I'm very "GOTTA CRAFT" mindset. I don't want a silly thing like not having proper supplies holding me back, so I've just been picking up more and more projects.


I'm actually thinking about starting two more projects, too. Is that crazy? To have three projects in the works and actually working on them (or in some cases wishing upon a star that I could work on them)? Sadly, my concert tee shirt quilt is still WIP. I cannot find my journals for the life of me, I even dragged 4 boxes to "memories" home from my parents' house. These journals have all my ticket stubs in them. Very esstential for my quilt. I purposefully left a blank square that I could embroider with all the concerts/bands I've seen, plus the month and year. I think it'll make the quilt more of a piece of history and definitely a conversation starter. Am I crazy, do you think I should just stitch it up and finish it off? These journals are somewhere in the city. Somewhere, either in my parents' house, our condo, or my car. They can be nowhere else…unless my mom did accidently throw them away. Would it just be easier if I sew up the turn-out seam and hand tie it? Would I have piece of mind? Or maybe, this quilt is acting as a catalyst for all this crafting.


In addition to THE quilt, I started a jaunty little santa's cap to wear this holiday season. It's knit up pretty fast, but not as fast as some of the other hats I've made. It's pretty thin yarn, and I have a huge head. I'm at a point where I need a set of DPNs, but I don't have the proper size. I must wait until a 40% coupon comes for either Michael's, Hobby Lobby or Joann's. Hopefully next week. ::fingers crossed:: The bad thing about this cool hat is… I'm using left over yarn from the Gryffindor hat and scarf I made Darcy last year. I'm about half done with the height of the hat, and I really can't tell if I'll have enough yarn to finish. And if I don't , I'm sure it'll happen when I'm only a few rows away from finishing. How sad would that be? It would all have to be frogged, and I'd knit up a smaller size and hope that it would fit my head. I really hope that doesn't happen.

I'm sewing, knitting, and now crocheting, all at the same time. I'm teaching myself to crochet (with a little help figuring out the pattern from Darcy) so I can make Anigurumis. My first attempt is all right, but I'm going to start over. I think I forgot to join some of my rounds, so it's starting to spiral. Learning experience. Starting over will be good for me, help cement what I've learned so far.

All this crafting (and the lovely Handknit Holidays and Happy Hooker, which both happened to be on the library shelf last week when I popped in last week!) has really got me thinking that maybe this holiday season will be a handmade holiday. There are so many wonderful ideas in Handknit Holidays, I think I know what I want to make both my mom and sister, and maybe even my dad. And if I can ever get this crochet thing down, I've got the perfect idea for my godson, Kody, too.

Now I have to decide whether to give crochet another whirl tonight…or maybe start knitting the petal bib out of One Skein, or start drafting up a pinafore design for this month's Tie One On. Or maybe I should just go to bed early.

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