Thursday, August 03, 2006

I didn't know food could taste this way…

Lasagna Rozale

This was tonight's dinner. I know, I know, fancy schmancy. There was no real occasion. I just love to cook and we had lots of fresh vegetables that I feared I wouldn't be able to use before they started going bad.

I've become a big time blog reader, so much so, that I needed to start a BlogLines because I realized I was wasting a lot of time clicking to individual blogs. A few of my favorites our in my links, I encourage you to check them out. These women are inspiring in so many ways.

Well, anyways. This gorgeous and incredibly tasty meal came courtsey of Alicia, over at Posie Gets Cozy. She calls it Lasagna Rozale after the place she and her husband lived when they first made it. I guess it is a variation of a Martha Stewart recipe, whatever good ole Martha used must be outlandishly extravagant, because the modified version seems MS-worthy itself.

Now I make a pretty mean traditional lasagna, and some even say I make a good completely homemade (down to the noodles) lasagna, but this was great. And may become the go to lasagna in our household. It is such a refreshing change of pace from what I think when I think of lasagna. Not oozing with sauce and cheese, just a hearty meat "sauce" and a little bechamel. I love that its chock full of vegetables too. Alicia called for celery and carrot, but I substituted zucchini, and instead of ground beef, ground pork and italian sauage, I used only ground beef and a mild ground sausage. That kick from the sausage… just the right amount of spice, not too overwhelming for Mike, but enough to give the dish interest.

And I love how well it stays together for plating with no slippery sauce.

If you like to cook and you like lasagna, I highly recommend you stop by Posie for the recipe and give it a try.

PS I am loving that I figured out how to do good closeups on our camera. Yay! Macro-setting! If only I could solve the camera's slow reaction time problem, I'd be set.

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Alicia P. said...

WOW! That is so sweet of you -- I'm quite honored and I'm ESPECIALLY glad that you liked it! Because I forgot to mention that it is a lot of work!!! :-)