Friday, August 04, 2006

It's that time again…WIP Friday!


Though I haven't worked on this at all since Sunday, this is my latest Procrastination Station project. Restarted only 2 Sundays ago, and I'm very impressed with my progress. It's Sarah's Concert Experience: The Quilt. No, it's not really called that, but it helps you get the gist of how its come about. I've probably said this before, but I started this little endeavour two summers ago. Cut tee shirts sat in a Rubbermaid tote since that one focused day, and have been moved twice.

Now I'm at the point where the front is essentially finished, though I am toying with the idea of adding a border around the whole thing. I need about four inches of additional length to make it perfect for cozying up with on the couch and reading. It consists of 20 squares: 4 of denim jeans, 15 of tee shirt graphics, and 1 blank tee shirt back. I plan to embroider the plain square with band logos and the month/year I saw them (since I saw the same bands several times). I could have actually did that this week, but instead I frogged the Mason-Dixon Ball Band dishcloth I started at the beginning of July and messed up because I never marked where I was in the pattern, and started it again. That's a nice small project I can carry to work, and do on my lunch.


I plan to get back on track this weekend. My best bud is home on vacation from Hawaii, so I'm going to drag her around to different thrift stores my coworker told me about. Thrift stores make me uncomfortable. I want cool thrift experiences like so many of the people who's blogs I read have. But the first time I went, I found nothing and was grossed out by the smell of the Goodwill we went to. I just need one good experience, and that would probably turn me onto thrifting. Well, maybe it's good that I'm not into thrifting because I'm sure it can get addicting, time-consuming and costly. Anyways, I'm going thrifting to try and find something to back my quilt up with that is relatively cheap. Luckily my quilt's not too big, so if need be, to the fabric store I will go. Though it would suck to blow my August Craft Budget in the first weekend. I'll let you know if I find anything good.

I'm giving myself until the end of August to finish this sucker up, but I hope to finish it sooner. I want to move on to something new. I'm trying to decide if I want to start participating in Tie On One. I'm not sure this month's theme is up my alley, thoughI could put it off forever. A pinafore just seems ultra-girly, but I could make it more my style I guess. If I don't start this month, I plan on making a different apron on of this cowboy fabric that I found in the scrap bin. And then, of course, I am getting the swap bug again. This time I think I'm going to try organizing…a Halloween Swap!!!!

Uh oh, it sounds like I may be getting back into my old crafting habits. Too many things on the table, or in the head that I end up not being able to concentrate on any of them.

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