Saturday, August 05, 2006



How hip are these two? A retro feel, yet still graphically pleasing. Good graphic design stands the test of time. Or at least when viewed when the retro time period is hip again, right?

So today was The thrift shopping day. The mission: to find something to back my tee shirt quilt…and to spend time with my long distance bud. I got local thrift tips from my coworker, and looked up a few in the yellow pages as well. We set off with a list of 4 or 5 and as we drew nearer, I became very apprehensive. I've had one thrift experience before, a Goodwill in Normal. Not good. I don't know why we intially went, but the place was huge, it was overwhelming and had a funky smell. I'm sensitive to smell. Always have been.

First place, closed to restock. Second place, open, but not great. And lots of junk, I mean, do people actually buy cookie tins from 2 years ago for 50 cents? There was this awesome 50s-ish hat. Oh, how I wanted that hat! It was great. But my head! My head is huge, and then to top that off, I have thick hair. I tried to get the hat on, it barely sat on my head. There were also some cool silk scarves, but not a great deal at $2. We left with nothing but a sense of defeat. Ok, really that was only me feeling that way. Darcy kept telling me that I needed to go to other places, I was resigned and completely ready to head to the Hobby Lobby down the street and buy fabric for my quilt. We ended up going to Hobby Lobby, a nice "breather" where Darcy stocked up on yarn for various crochet projects (Can you believe Hawaii doesn't havee Hobby Lobby or the likes? She hasn't found yarn there yet!). She, as well as I, is in Love with the Happy Hooker. I thoroughly checked it out before buying it for her, it really, really makes me want to crochet. I'm really jealous of the projects she stocked up on. While Darcy was toiling over which yarn to get, I checked out the fabric. I've never really looked at fabric before, I guess, either that or they got a better selection because I found a great set of 4 coordinating Cowgirl fabrics. If only I could figure out what to use them for.

On our way to planned thrift store #3, we made a slight detour. We couldn't figure out if we were going the correct way on the road, and I decided to turn down on the town's downtown main st, you know, the one with the small town feel, to turn around and just make our way to JoAnn's where I would have to find fabric for my quilt. And as I was about to turn on a side street to turn around, Darcy spotted it, an unknown thrift store house in a historic house in the historic "district" of Algonquin. I pulled over and we headed inside. Quaint, not too much stuff. A manageable amount. And not a definite, strong smell. My kind of place. We rummaged around and I found this!


Tucked on a shelf by itself, near the ground, in the corner of the house behind several racks of children's clothes. I immediately snatched it up. It was my find! I actually found something cool. And it was only 50 cents. And it is completely clean and smell-free. Most likely its not that old, but it has that retro flight bag feel. I'll probably use it on Monday, but then put it away until the fall. It seems like I need an everyday bag switch every few months. And this one will be great, so roomy and I love that it has that front pocket. It should work well for carrying normal stuff (wallet, cell, etc), as well as a book or a small knitting project. I can't believe I becoming one of those Bag Ladies. With the huge bags that hold everything but the kitchen sink.

I knew I needed on good find in my first real thrifting experience, and I might be hooked. Not enough to make it a weekly thing, probably not even a monthly thing, but I definitely won't be as apprehensive the next time.


Anonymous said...

I love the jet-setter bag. I'm going to add you to my blog roll, if you don't mind!

Rebecca-bakesale said...

What a find! Retro, clean and just 50 cents!!