Thursday, September 14, 2006

What I love about Fall…

• Sleeping with the windows open, and waking up all cuddly and warm in the covers
• Apple Orchards! Getting apples and attempting to make apple pie (this year will be my second try), stocking up on apple cider, snacking on fresh, warm apple doughnuts, chomping on carmel apples, sharing a baked potato topped with everything with Mike sitting outside.
• The crispness in the air.
• Wearing jeans and a long sleeve teeshirt and being comfortable both inside and out.
• Changing colors of trees.
• Apple Cider.
• Sweaters.
• Occassional streaks of gloominess, yes, I don't mind when it rains a couple days in a row.
• Homemade soup.
• Halloween.
• Thanksgiving.
• Candy Corn.
• Wishing I could spend everyday, all day in bed cuddled in my blankets (oh wait, I also hate it too, because I can't do it!).
• Hearty, warm meals.
• Starting to think of the holidays without the pressure yet.
• Start of the new season of all my favorite shows.
• Getting to wear a coat.

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