Monday, October 23, 2006

Halloween Traditions

Mike's Homestarrunner Pumpkin - 2006

My Corpse Bride Pumpkin - 2006

Mike and I are lucky in the sense that we met young. I mean, we're not like preschool sweethearts or anything, but we were still teenagers when we met (18), became friends (umm, still 18) and then significant others (::cough:: 18 ::cough::). Heck, we even got married young(23), especially since alot of people are waiting until they're almost 30 to marry nowadays.

We've grown up together. We've got to be stupid kids together (remind me to post a picture or two from a Walmart adventure that involved riding in shopping carts and wearing boas). We've also grown alot together. We've watched each other struggle with things. But we've been there to support the other. We're adults now. We have full-time career jobs (well, we may not be that adult, I mean, adults don't distinguish jobs like that, do they?), we each own a car fully in our own names, we own a house.

But we still try to have fun. yes, I nag Mike more than I ever did. But to my defense he's become alot more dependent. I've seen him take care of himself, to live on his own, but now it's difficuly for him to put dirty laundry in the hamper or cut a cooked frozen pizza. But we still have fun. We play board games, we go to batting cages, we play catch (…until Mike starts giving too much "advice").

A few years ago, while we were juniors at ISU, still leaving in the dorms, we started this tradition of carving Halloween pumpkins. That first year was fun, we made basic jack-o-latern faces. And then not even a week later things went very sour. In the damp, humid, festering environment of Atkin-Colby, our pumpkins turned to mush. And molded. And leaked gross pumpkin juice all over the place. Mine lasted longer than Mike's (as us girls we cleaner and more airy), but Mike's room was like a humedor and turned his pumpkin into a science experiment. And that gross pumpkin juice dripped all off the shelf onto his bed.

As a couple we had a few bedding energencies between us, that involved panicked stripping of beds and frantic searches for laundry facilities not in use.

So I'm sure you're wondering how I started out with us being "lucky" and ended up here…

Well, I'm not really sure. That's just kinda how my mind works.

And please stayed tuned in the next day or two. Our lasted weekend adventure has made me incredibly proud of my Mike, and though I have very few pictures, I'd still like to share with you. It's just that these pumpkins were too cool to wait!

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