Friday, November 10, 2006

WIP Friday


Real yarn shops are amazing. Everything is so real. So soft, textural, colorful. Our town had a cute little yarn shop for about a year, maybe two. And then they closed down, family issues. Sure there is a shop in the town over, but word is the people there are not really nice. Kinda like, 'how dare you bother me' - kind of workers. So I've never ventured in… plus it's name is something Sunflower. That there scares me away!

In the middle of last week, I ventured to the next nearest shop, in another quaint downtown area. I should really go during the day, walk around, see if it really is quaint. Too bad it wasn't closer, friendly staff, and a Friday Night Stitch-In. You just go to the shop between 5 and 9, sit, talk, knit and eat (free food from nearby places like Olive Garden). I'd really like to find some sort of knitting group. Not quite sure how to find one, especially one close enough. I don't want to drive 30-40 minutes after work during the 'rush hour'.


Here's something I started after my trip to the new LYS. A fun pattern…and would be really funny to do in red and white stripes (don't worry, I won't…I think). It's nice to be knitting again with regularity. I love how consuming the knitting mind-set can be. Wanting to knit every minute of the day, settling for every free moment. Having a difficult time stopping myself from picking up my project while sitting at long red lights. I'm actually working on two project now. Technically not at the same time though. I still don't see how everyone can do that…knit several things at once. I just started the second project while waiting for a chance to get the DPNs I need.

And now that the holiday season is steamrolling forward, things are going to get crazy. There is so much I want to do. And get done before Christmas. Then there is the whole hosting Thanksgiving Dinner thing. Exciting, really! The perfect solution for the newlywed holiday situation. Host both your families at the same time! I've already planned our menu and bought our turkey (safely stored away in mom and dad's freezer). I'm even doing test runs on some of the dishes…things that I don't really make alot.


This is my most current WIP. The reason I'm up at 11:25 when I usually go to sleep at 10. I can't wait for it to finish, I just hop it turns out yummy. If it doesn't…I must come up with a backup plan.

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