Saturday, November 18, 2006


Our Bricks at Sesquicentennial Park

Some stability in a time of chaos. That always kinda happens, doesn't it? Well this couldn't have come at a better time. Things have been crazy in our household the last couple weeks, and now with the holidays right around the corner, anxiety and chaos will probably grow exponentially until the new year starts.

Sorry, I can't talk about it yet…you never know who is reading this stuff, right? But soon enough, the beans will be spilled. Gotta love the mystery, right? Makes you coming back for more.

Well, I got the call from my mom that these bricks were finally placed in the park we got married in! We've been checking almost every weekend since our anniversary. There will forever be a legacy of me (and Mike) in my hometown now…forever, or until they demolish the park. But I mean, it's the Sesquicentennial Park, so it should be around for awhile. It will be fun to bring our kids back to it one day and show them the exact place their mom and dad got married. I think my mom has it in with the city , ours are the only bricks on one of the pathways leading to the fountain. In the exact spot we got married (give or take a couple steps). All other bricks encircle the fountain. So go us! And more importantly Go Parents! who so thoughtfully went in together to get us our bricks.

Sesquicentennial Park

Excuse the hideous background, it looks all urban, doesn't it? It's not really. For the wedding we faced the other direction, so we had a clean building as a background…fyi. But this is the park we got married at. People are still talking about us apparently. We're the first (and I believe, so far only) one crazy enough to get married at this location. Maybe that's why they made the exception with the brick placement.

Well, I've been crafting away, but can't share the goods. I know, I know, more mystery. I'll be starting something tomorrow that I should be able to share as soon as I'm done, ya know, since Bray can't read or use the internet (well appropriately anyways).

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