Thursday, November 23, 2006

Gobble Gobble…

First Thanksgiving Turkey - 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Hopefully it was wonderfully filling. Mike and I hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner. And there is my masterpiece. Wonderfully moist (though the legs were a bit dry). Cooked rather quick, quicker than I thought it would. We ended up eating an hour earlier than planned. I (with Mike's assistance) made loads of yummy foods…including an appetizer of crab rangoon. And did I mention I carved my own turkey? And not with one of those wimpy electric knives.

Sorry things have been slow around here, though they've never really been hoppin'. Things have been crazy for the past few weeks. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner was actually like a refreshing break. Don't think I'm weird. But right now, there are way more stressful things in life than preparing a sit down dinner for 7 and a half. I actually had it really planned out. Made a Cranberry Cheesecake two days in advance. Prepped two appetizers, salad dressing and green bean casserole the night before…and had a wonderful husband that helped a bunch, especially with the chopping (I have never been a good chopper, I am so paranoid of chopping a finger off, maybe I just need a good knife).

I've started working on something wonderfully wee for a special little guy in our lives, perhaps a little sneak preview tomorrow as I relish in my 2nd day of a 4 day weekend!!! And try my darnedest to avoid the shopping frenzy, though I do need some craft supplies for Christmas presents and printer ink.

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