Friday, November 24, 2006

WIP Friday - Christmas presents!

Is it lil' Fez?

Current WIP, Bray's Christmas present. When I first laid this little guy out, Mike said, "Is it Fez?" No, I am not creating a doll based on That 70s Show for my two-year-old nephew. This is an Archie, or maybe a Buzz. Depends how far i gtet with him before Christmas. But right now, he is rather 70s-ish. Hopefully soon I will be able to start sewing him together. I must get the studio/craft room cleaned up and presentable asap. I should finish it up tonight, but yesterday wore me out.

I didn't really think so…until I fell asleep face down on our bed this afternoon while taking photos of my wip and my newest "thrifting" find. Does it count as thrifting if I got it in the Library basement?

Everyone needs a retro litter bag!

Everyone seems to be sharing some retro craft books as of late and now I have my very own…I mean, who doesn't need a litter bag? Look at that design, how hip is it? Found this Better Homes and Gardens Gifts to make yourself, circa 1972, in the library basement. It was 1 of 4 craft books in the on-going book sale, I actually had to hide it as I walked back to the Square where I parked my car to fish around for enough spare change to buy it.

Retro Owl-y paperweights

Like all 70s stuff, there is some hideous stuff in here, but there are also some great things. Awesomely stylized and very much in the now.

Retro Reindeer

Sadly, I think these reindeer are only props in the photo. Too bad, no directions. Just have to figure it out myself, I guess.

Retro Stylized Rooster

Now I love the stylized look of the rooster, but this is one of the pieces that are brink of 70s ick!


And then there's every child's favorite toy…Fatso!

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