Thursday, December 14, 2006

And it's finally out…

Christmasy Comfort Corner - 2006

I can finally make public what's been stressing me and Mike out for almost the last month…we're moving. I informed my company today, so everything is now out in the open. (I really hope you weren't thinking I was pregnant, which apparently some of my company was thinking - gosh! leave sick one day with stomach pain and apparently you're pregnant. I guess that's what I get for my exempliary attendance.) Mike is actually already down in Springfield, started work on Monday and part of the reason I've been MIA. Separation depression combined with loads of stress with having to quite a job I enjoy (Mike, I do not resent you), trying to sell the condo and of course, the holidays that are now only a little over a week away. Needless to say, I've been coping by eating peppermint ice cream and going to sleep early while piping Harry Potter into my dreams, locked in my bedroom. Yes…I'm paranoid. I've always been one to figure if I'm completely covered by my comforter, murders can't get me.

As for Christmas, things aren't going exactly as planned. Planned presents are getting the kabash, decorations are for "next year" and all holiday shopping must be done by Saturday, when the credit card must start staying relatively clear aka we (both Mike & I) are supposed to stop spending except on essentials like groceries and gas.

This one holiday decoration did get completed, two weekends ago, maybe. My lovely little Christmasy pillow for our beigey beige couch. I could really go for another one for the oppostie side of the couch, but pillow forms are expensive relatively speaking, especially considering this one is only 14x14 inches.

Tonight while watching Christmas House Light spectacular on HGTV and Nigella Christmas Bites on FoodNetwork (not to mention The Office), I've been working on a little project for myself which is rare. But the new Knitty came out and I feel like I deserve something for myself in all this hustle and bustle. The Calorimetry might actually be mine in time for work tomorrow. It's knitting up really fast, though you my friends will have to wait for visuals until at least the 22nd. Mike ran off 3 and a half hours south with my camera - he was supposed to be taking pics of possible living situations, but that didn't happen exactly how I had hoped. I think he's punishing me. ;)

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