Saturday, December 16, 2006

Time's A-Tickin'

PEZ cabinet

Needed a little break from wrapping Christmas presents and watching Elf (which incidentally I could watch over and over - and I have every time I see it on tv).

Did you know I'm a PEZ head? I can't even remember now when I started collecting, it feels like my whole life, but really I think I was a teenager. My collection for years has grown steadily, new dispensers that are released in the year and occasionally European or Japanese dispensers from the internet. I don't quite have the funds to getting cool, rare old ones…but maybe someday (you here that Mike?).

I probably have 400 different dispensers by now. I have a master list but since we moved out of the apartment I haven't been keeping it up. I even have plans drawn up for a catalog of all my dispensers. I really should get around to doing that. Maybe with my free time in Springfield.

For years I've been searching for the perfect solution to display my collection. I'm not one of those collectors that believe in "mint condition, leave it in the packaging" collection. I mean, come on, it's PEZ! First off, those cello bags and blister cards are a pain to store. Secondly, they need to be enjoyed! I admit, I'm not the biggest fan of the candy, only piece or two at a time, but how can resist opening those packages and sliding that dispensers up and down? I do have a fellow PEZ head friend, Joe, who has used every dispenser that he owns…now that is dedication (and for awhile he was the recipient of all my packs of PEZ). OK, backtrack (I told you occasionally I do go off on tangents). So displaying PEZ is a bit of a challenge. They're top heavy, they tumble and very much like dominoes manage to take everyone down with them. And once your collection surpasses, say 25, just lining them up on your dresser does not work. They're small, but not nonexistent.

Ikea has provided me with my best options so far, but I was never completely happy until now. These glass front CD/Media cabinets are almost perfect…close enough where it doesn't bother me. One of the reasons why I loved our condo upon viewing it was the staircase leading up to the living area, it would be the perfect place to display these cabinets, tons of sunny light, high traffic so I can see them every day, and, most importantly, it wasn't even my idea! That's right, displaying the cases there was Mike's idea! He loves me, doesn't he?

A couple months ago, I finally got all the cabinets put together and plans figured out to create risers to see as many of their beautiful faces as possible. But the project kept getting put on hold, now my procrastination turns out to be a blessing. Hopefully when we buy again, I'll have the perfect spot for them again.

Do you collect anything?

It's the holiday season, a time for reminiscing and a time for sharing!

Plus I'm running on "stock photos", sorry if this a bit random.

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