Friday, December 22, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas?

You Can't Catc… Dang!

Does it feel like Christmas to anyone else? I'm having a really hard time believing that Christmas is just a couple days away. The only thing convincing me is the calendar. The weather here in good ole IL is weird. It's nice…relatively. Yes, we had our foot and a half of snow a couple weeks ago. But that's long gone. We now have rain and mild temperatures. Today it was 50! In IL! In December!

So the weather is working against the season. Our house is barely decorated…laziness. I didn't want to have to take it all down by myself during the packing process. Mike's been gone for two weeks. So I'm on my own, all lonely and at time depressed. I've been sleeping alot as of late. Like falling asleep at 6:30, waking up a couple hours later, taking a shower and then sleeping from 10 until 6:30.

Run, Run As Fast As You Can!

The last two days, I've been productive before and after work (finally). Thursday morning a mixed up a batch of gingerbread dough, waking up no earlier than usual and only leaving 7 minutes late for work. Then after work and a bunch of errands, I made these lovely gingerbread men! Turned out better than last year, I think. And cuter, Darcy's idea of the Red Hots was genius. Adds a nice bit of color. All went well,except that after being in the oven for 5 minutes the first batch filled our whole condo with smoke. Not top to bottom, but at least a couple feet down from the ceiling. At least it smelled good, and the cookies only got a little toasty on the bottom.

gift card tins

I also whipped these up last night for my co-workers' Christmas gift cards. I was inspired by Heather Bailey and her color coordinated holiday goodness. It was my first time making yo-yos, they were fun but definitely more time-consuming that I thought they would be. I have 5 more gift tins to whip up before Sunday, plus another present to make. I mean, could I put things off any longer? Not really. We'll see if I get everything done in time. Many Christmas gifts got scrapped when the realization hit that I couldn't possibly finish everything I wanted to with the motivation I possessed.

As always live and learn, right?

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