Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Love Affair

Love Affair

My husband is gone, hundreds of miles away, and I've got a new love.


Please note, this advertising is not paid for, but hey Borders! If you wanna kick a few bucks my way, I won't refuse.

If you buy books and you haven't joined the Borders Rewards program yet… WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Above is $75+ worth of books, I paid $6.93. Now I did have gift cards, but which made this saving almost unbelievably exceptional, but I saved $41.41 (my receipt reminded me of this, but I did the math as well). Between using a coupon (buy 2 books, get the 3rd free - in my case a $20-ish value), using my personal shopping day (obtained by spending $50 in a month - saved me $5.60) and my holiday rewards savings (accumulated with a percentage of each purchase - $15.86 for me), I managed to get 3 books and a sketchbook for basically the price of the sketchbook.

These books are being put away sadly. It's taking all my willpower to do so, but I'm not looking at them. I'm saving them for the move, when I'm out of a job and bored, bored, bored. Wish me luck.

I have my eye on a couple other books, but those will wait. Please don't tell Borders, but I'll be getting them at Barnes & Noble. I got some B&N gift cards for Christmas, and it just so happens that the new metropolis we're moving to doesn't have a real Borders (just a Borders Express). Those cards, though, are being horded until I'm itching to spend money with no job or income. Hopefully I don't blow them in the first week!

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