Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Social Hangover

Grandparents' presents - Christmas 2006

Quick note: I have what I like to call "the social hangover." Last night was my company Christmas party, therefore resulting in much more socializing than my body is used to. Today I wake up with an awful headache that I can not shake whatsoever all day…and no, I did not consume a drop of alcohol. So let's talk quietly, I've already put up with enough yelling and screaming today, as it was a Bears Game Day.

Yesterday while waiting til the time we had to leave for the party, I finished crafting up the above gifts for Christmas. They are a project based on one in the Quilt It Kit by Denise Schmidt. My first patchwork attempt since I was in like fifth grade and we made those doll quilts in summer sewing classes. Based on our wedding colors, I think they turned out pretty nice. Hopefully they go over better than last year's presents.

Project Christmas has been going relatively well. I have a couple more projects up my sleeve, one that is getting the can and then one recipient that has me stumped. What to make my dad? Any ideas?

Christmas cards are designed, printed and trimmed. I even started filling them out today. I hope to have them in the mail before the end of the week. Our condo is decorated…sparsely, but decorated. I have one more project that I recently found in Cutting Edge magazine (the one I actively sought out for a couple weeks, needing to read the article about Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls) that will look fabulous on our front door. If only I can finish it in time, I might just need to work on it now for next year. Our Christmas shopping is nearly done, though I do need to go out for my gift to Mike yet. The only other thing, besides keeping the place spotless, is baking 2 dozen cookies for the family Christmas party on the 22nd. I'm thinking gingerbread men and hopefully Darcy will want to hang out with me and maybe help while I embark on the challenge. I'm thinking about doing more to hand out at work too, like last year.

Oh! And I need to make something out of this fabulous fabric!

Fabulous Christmas fabric

I'm thinking a throw pillow for our rather beige couch…and maybe an apron, to spread holiday cheer! I love that it says Happy Holidays without screaming it.

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