Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Dwindling Down

Tomorrow's my last day at work. I've begun packing up the condo. You know how I said 6 months ago I did not want to move for a long time to avoid packing, well, no I get to do it all by myself. At least it gets done exactly how I want it done. Everything gets packed according to room, and labelled. It should make it easier to unpack.

And though I've yet to see our future dwelling that Mike's been living in the past month, the plan is to turn our second bathroom into a storage room (and the tub/shower will hide all the boxes…there is no way I'm getting rid of them when I know we'll be moving in a year or less). Resourceful, huh?

I won't be around much for probably a week. The big move is actually happening Saturday (just in time for that wintery mix of rain/sleet/snow), plus my camera's battery is dead :(, but I'll need some time to start settling in and exploring the new town.

Wish us luck!

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