Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year, New You…and every other New Year's cliche.

Forth & Towne Holiday shopping bag 2006

So much for a new start. I've spent the last day of 2006 and the first day of 2007 in exactly the same way. In my pajamas and robe, slumped on the couch or chair, mindlessly looking at the tv. Well, yesterday I was more productive. I knitted, I socialized, I watched entertaining tv (thank you Ugly Betty marathon), Heck! I even showered. Today…not so much.

I do have good intentions, though.

Hopefully they start tomorrow.

I do have a list of New Year's Resolutions, it's something I've been doing for many years (though usually in private, I'm not sure anyone knows that I'm a resolutionist). Last year, was the first year in a long time that I did not sit down and think about some goals for the coming year, and looking back I can see what kind of affect it had on the year. So I'm getting back on track, back to my own personal traditions.

And I think I may bore you with the list…in hopes that it will act as an outside motivator.

The Fun
• Update Craft & Clutter more frequently, improving content for a better read
• Knit myself a garment, I'm thinking of a specific sweater from Knit 2 Together but I'm resisting the urge to flip through the book again until we move and I'm bored with a lot of free time
• Join a knitting group or book club
• Learn to crochet
• Read at least 25 books through the year

And the Personal
• Increase my water intake, to the recommended 64 oz per day, like the good ole days
• No more pop, except for an occassional treat at the movie theater (once again, like the good ole days)
• Keep a food diary, so I can notice eating trends when they get out of hand
• Keep a diligent record of my personal spending

Wow, these were all things I used to do, weird.

• Participate (and hopefully finish) a 5K (that's a new one)

Here's to a new year and a new start!

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