Tuesday, January 23, 2007

These Boots Were Made For Walkin'

Handknit Baby "Uggs"
This afternoon I ventured to the Barnes & Noble in our new home in search of a book I've been eyeing for a bit. (Sidenote: There is no proper Borders here in the new home, disbelief, I know!) It's a book on blogging ideas, I aim to please the public, you know, and want that jump start when nothing's going on.

Mike and I are currently sitting in Panera, he's reading an actual book and I'm hacking away at the internet, catching up on lost time. I asked him to pick a number, any number, 1-100. Kinda like on Regis & Kelly, during the trivia game. All intent was to blog whatever the book idea was for the number.

Three chosen numbers, three rejections by me. Not that I'm against the ideas in the book. The first would take more time to think about before I could even start writing. The second involved podcasts and voicemail (two things I use very little of) and the third (and therefore last idea) involved showing bits of my past, which is impossible at my current location. You know, being at Panera and all, sans scanner and Sarah ephemera.

But those things could be coming in our future dear reader, just enough intrigue to make you come back, right?


Are those booties adorning the top of my post not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I knit them up this past weekend for my cousin's baby shower. She's a fashionista, and I very clearly remember the search her husband went on a few Christmases ago to get her Uggs in just the color and size she wanted. After seeing these knit up on Craftster a year ago, I knew these were totally her, but alas she was sans child until now (well, almost now).

I guy-ed the booties up a bit, make them more masculine for the newest little guy in our estrogen-ridden family. They ended up reminding me a bit of hockey skates. Too bad the reaction at the shower wasn't that great. They were the last gift opened, and everyone wanted to leave and catch the end of the Bears game. As soon as my gift was set down, people were up and in their jackets ready to get out of the door. With at least 80 people in attendance we had been at gifts for a couple hours.

Internet is coming in 2 days...with that, hopefully some more interesting topics. I'm beginning to think I shouldn't have shared my secret of getting a blog assist book. If the content doesn't improve, we'll know I'm a lost cause.

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