Sunday, February 18, 2007

Are you feelin' lucky?

Mom's Birthday Card - outside

My mom's birthday was Friday (my sister's was last Saturday, but she just got a plan funny card), and since I did not stumble across the idea to make annual birthday card editions until it was far too late, this is what mom got in the mail. On her actual birthday, too. Talk about good postal timing!

While wandering through the Target card department, I ran across this card that immediately screamed 'South Park' in a generic kinda sense. And since my mom is a huge South Park, I picked it up without reading the inside.

Mom's Birthday Card - inside

Upon getting home, I realized that perhaps the card was not entirely appropriate to give one's mother. I mean, who tells their own mother to "…go celibate." It's funny, but needed more explanation on why I chose the card. So I headed over to the South Park Create-A-Character site and whipped up my mom (the one on the front cover - see how cool I made you mom?) and me and Mike. I think I did an incredible job on Mike, and as if there could be any confusion on who it was, I added a beer mug. Classic, right?

Just another way to vamp up those store bought cards when you can't make one yourself.

And as if my mom wasn't lucky enough to receive such a thoughtful birthday card on her birthday…she won a trip to Vegas! I know, unbelievable timing, right? Those internet contests sure did pay off.

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MOM said...

I love the card, I told you I thought you bought it like that. It is sooo funny!