Friday, February 16, 2007

Stop, Drop and Roll

Our Fire Scare

We had a dinner guest tonight. And the moment I served up the lasagna, the fire alarm went off. Not just the smoke detector in our apartment (which was not going off, it was not my cooking!), but the entire building's fire alarm system.

The three of us contemplated for about 5 minutes, whether we should sit down and eat or get out. Due to some recent events and my persistence, I put the lasagna in the warm (but off) oven and we bundled up and headed outside with a handful of other residents. The hall had been a bit hazy when leaving, but difficult to tell since it's not brightly lit. But outside the building there was this funky smell. I talked to one girl who was relatively our age because she asked what was up and if there was a fire because she has a project due at midnight. Then she mentioned she had seen smoke coming out of the apartment next to hers. At that, after frantically asking where her apartment was in the building, Mike called 911.

Considering this was about 15 minutes after the alarm started going off, Mike being the first person to call 911 is pretty scary. They were asking him where the fire was in the building, etc. It was kinda disheartening when the first fire truck pulled up with 2 firefighters in gear and one in a sweatshirt. But they almost immediately allowed us back in, someone just REALLY, REALLY burned food. Enough to stink up the inside and outside of the building, fill the hall with a haze and set off the fire alarm, not just their smoke detector. Yowza!

As you can see in the photo, a second fire truck did pull up around the time that the firefighters gave us the ok to reenter. Talk about excitement on a Friday night.

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