Saturday, February 24, 2007

January/February Tie One On

Lovely Little Fairy apron

My first homemade apron! I've been wanting to participate in Tie One On for months now...since about August. And now I finally have.

This session's theme was Valentine's Day, but I kinda took my own, non-traditional view on the Big Day. More like a child's valentine. Plus I was browsing the remanents bin of the local JoAnn's and saw this pink fabric and the lovely little fairies. The colors were very girly, very pink, so I thought they would be perfect for the theme and a cute little apron to where around the house while crafting.

I even drafted my own pattern. That's more my thing, I've never been great at following patterns.
We've had a couple emotionally trying days during the last week, all culminating on yesterday. It helped being able to sit down, figuratively, and work something from start to finish while listening to other people talk about their experience in the world of Arts & Crafts via the CraftSanity podcast. I think, Jennifer is on to something.

Lovely Little Fairy apron - frontLovely Little Fairy apron - back

My Lovely Little Fairy is reversible, which works well being flannel on one side and cotton on the other. The flannel will be nice when working on crafts like embroidery or at the sewing machine when little thread usually litter my clothing. And if I wanted to, I could just turn it and work in the kitchen without the flannel getting too gross with grease or whatever. Multi-purpose...Martha Stewart would be proud.

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Darcy said...

SARAH! Your apron ROCKS! I'm so jealous that you have so much time to craft! And your rocket ship was amazing! I jsut finished crocheting an amigurumi hippo for my nephew and I had the hardest time jsut embroidering circles for eyes on his face. I like the new format, too. You're really blowing me out of the water in terms of craftiness. I'm going to have to come up with something big to keep up with you. OH! And the South Park card for your mom with your own characters! GENIUS!