Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's a bird, It's a plane…


No, it's Supe-Man.

Mike and I took a weekend trip up north to visit with my family. We actually ended up having a bit of a slumber party at my parents' house, full of snacks, movies, a rousing game of Family Guy Monopoly and staying in pajamas all day Sunday. Besides the winter storm that went through conveniently during our dirves, we had a good time.

Perhaps the best part of the weekend was my gift to Bray. There was the rocket ship scarf, though he could have cared less about that. The big hit was the Superman cape. He did not want to take it off.

Supe-Man Transformation

My heart melt every time Supe-Man went through his transformation. It's great when presents are truly loved, especially when they hold the attention span of a two-year-old for two days straight. I wish I had video to share, there is nothing cuter than this little boy saying, "I am Supe-Man!" while pointing to his chest. Or waiting for Uncle Mike to put his cape on by standing with his hands on his hips just like the real Superman.

In the above series of photos, you can see the first minutes of the Superman cape. Do you see that smile in the first picture? Bray is standing in front of a mirror watching his mommy put the cape on for the first time. And then Supe-Man prepared to take-off for his first flight. I'm pretty sure Mommy, Pop Pop, Uncle Mike and Aunt Sarah were exhausted after having to preform these flights and allowing Supe-Man to jump really, really high.

The cape was actually really easy to sew up, though I would change my 'pattern' if I made another one. It would definitely lay better with there was some sort of neck curve, instead of a straight trapezoid. But it is reversible in case one day Superman would prefer to become Batman or a king.

Two of my Favorite Guys

To end this post off, here are two of my most favorite guys. Bray and his Uncle Mike. In their pjs at, like 3pm, going "That way!" This kid is too funny, if you tell him to smile, you get a scrunchy face preparing for the camera's flash. But if you tell him to "say cheese," you get a great smile!

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Anonymous said...

Love the cape...could you possibly give a brief explination of how you made it? would love to make one for my son...thanks! Lynn